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Though it is not compulsory as our customer support is good enough to help you with everything but still it will help both of us. The cost of car detailing is not fixed so it is very important to understand all factors involved in price estimation to get the best price. The basic factors involve in price fluctuation are location, type of vehicle and the quality of service. So basically if you want car detailing service for a larger vehicle like a van and an SUV you will be charged more than standard.

How much car detailing you need, also changes prices and the equipments and product quality are also some factors of price change. If there are any additional services needed like dent removal you should let us know. We will tell you about everything with charges for each service, there will be no hidden charges you will only pay for what you will get fixed.

So it is better to do some homework before contacting us to make sure you tell us all details of what you need and according to it we will tell you the most reasonable price. Before going for any car detailing service, the first thing that should come in your mind is features. You should know your requirements and what kind of car detailing you need.

After that, you should go for a car detailing service that offers all your needed features and also at a reasonable rate. At Diamond Car detailing, we provide complete solution for your needs and cover almost all features from light to heavy car detailing and from a simple car wash to a full car overhaul. Additionally, we do all this at quite reasonable rates. If you need more details on our services and charges just give us a call and we will answer all your queries. There are many chemicals used in the car detailing process and most of them are actually quite good for your car.

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They are made specifically for your car, meaning they will never damage it. Though there are still some chemicals that can damage your car and having proper knowledge of them is very important in order to keep your car protected. Ammonia- based window cleaners can leave marks on your windscreen and windows and also laundry detergents can also damage your car's finish.

So you need to be careful of such products. Furthermore, some car detailers still use kerosene and other strong chemicals to remove asphalt so you should better avoid them as well.


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We at Diamond car detailing use all chemicals free of these harsh chemicals. Not a single drop of harsh chemical will get near your car, you will have the complete mind satisfaction that your car is in good hands. If you just need a good wash for your car, then you should know the difference between an automated car wash and manual wash. Some might say that manual wash is better than automated as machines can damage the car paint and some might like the idea of automated car wash for its speed and reliability.

But the truth is both ways can damage your car or get the job done. It doesn't matter what system is being used, what matters is the equipment being used for cleaning. Automated car wash can damage your car if the water used is in less quantity or equipments used have too much dirt on them and the same goes for manual wash.

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The next thing to know is that touchless car washing facilities often use substandard cleaning products, which can adversely affect not only the paint, but also other components of your vehicle that are made of plastic and rubber. With auto detailing, the right products are used on the right materials to clean and protect them. If you would like to cruise around Charlotte, North Carolina in a clean vehicle, your best bet is to call us at Lasting Impressions Auto Detailing to learn about our auto detailing services.

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We use the best products on the market and have the experience to perform your service in an effective and safe manner. Love my Spiffy Car Service!!

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Best money I spend on myself! Kelly C. Dallas, TX. They were able to get all the dog hair and spots from the interior. They also did an oil change. I got the awesome detail and it definitely lives up to its name! Kristi W. Normally I just take my car somewhere but I did not have time this time. Keon with Spiffy came out to do the service on my car. I'm blown away by the level of service he provided. He was right on time, answered all my questions and was great to talk to! I will be using Spiffy from now on for all my car service needs!

Keon and Spiffy have won me over!!! Alex J. Every single touch point with this company was top notch. Not to mention my car looks amazing. Will absolutely use this service again and highly recommend it to others.

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Aren H. The best wash I have ever received and I don't say it lightly. Thank you so much for treating my car like yours. Ali R. We purchased a used car and thought the interior color was tan.

Isaac cleaned it so thoroughly that we realized the interior color was grey instead! Isaac did an amazing job and the car looks brand new!

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