Blount county tennessee birth records 1912

After that, delegates were sent to the Chilhowee Association.

Finding Birth and Death Records in Tennessee

Delegates from the church were sent to associational meetings and willing workers meetings which were held alternately with various churches. Delegates were also sent to Baptist State meetings and Sunday School meetings. Many successful revivals were held in the early days of the church, some lasting as long as 23 days, with as many as 50 additions to the church.

Though money was scarce, regular mission offerings were taken, some of which totaled less than a dollar. The pastor received as his salary whatever amount the offering might be, usually from two to five dollars. The early church was more apt to discipline the membership than the present day church.

Charges were brought against members, both men and women.

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These members were dismissed from the fellowship for: profanity, drinking, bootlegging, playing cards, fighting, lewdness, fornication, adultery, improper conduct, departing from the faith and for non-attendance. Many times during the winter months the pastor could not get to the church, at which times no business meetings were held.

Sunday School was not organized until March 7, It was during this year that the deacons were charged to attend to difficulties in the church as far as possible. January 30, by Taneya. This book was originally written in The version I picked up was of the 20th printing and the book is still available for sale by publisher, Great Smoky Mountain Natural History Association.

Obviously, a popular book! The Wikipedia page has good detail on the history of the area as well. I have also added the book to the Bibliography on this site. December 5, by Taneya. Items from the collections of Maryville College have now been digitized and made available online at the Internet Archive!

I found this out last night after browsing the RSS feed of new items added and had to announce it here. I even found the senior picture of one of my co-workers! I will be working to get these items added to the Blount County TNGenWeb site, but wanted to at least let everyone know of their availability. I will also keep a close eye for additions. November 6, by Taneya. One of the resources I use often when verifying or seeking information on deaths in Tennessee is the index created by the Shelby County Register of Deeds. Recently updated, the index now covers ! The Register of Deeds also has a Facebook page ; you can follow along to stay aware of updates for they have additional indexes in addition to the one for deaths for both Shelby county and across the whole state.

September 24, by Taneya. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Feeds: Posts Comments. The first deacons were Isaac Russell and J. Isaac Anderson, D. What kind of information can you learn from the index? Blogroll Blount Co. Blog at WordPress.

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