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Hiring an attorney is like selecting a new car. Go with your gut and pick one you actually like. The Attorney you chose to defend you against a Sacramento criminal charge should be both highly experienced in the technical aspects of California Criminal law, AND they should have experience with the local customs, procedures, and practices unique to the Sacramento courthouse.

Finally, chose an attorney with the integrity to charge you a fair price. Watch out for attorneys that make incredible promises and charge extreme fees.

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A good local DUI attorney will charge reasonable prices given the complexity of your case. My prices are among the best you will find. I do not need to overcharge, because I keep my overhead low, and I genuinely like defending people charged with criminal offenses. It is my pleasure to take on the District Attorney DA. I have literally helped more of my clients avoid jail than I can count.

For the past decade I have spent nearly every day the courts are open fighting to keep my clients avoid jail.

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In most circumstances, even when my clients were found guilty, I have been able to help keep my client out of jail. Many times, if an experienced attorney fights he can arrange jail alternatives in lieu of time behind bars. If you are facing criminal charges in Sacramento, I would love the opportunity to help you avoid jail. Call me today. Getting arrested is one of the most frightening things that will ever happen to you.

Almost worse than getting arrested is the anxious anticipation after you have been arrested as you wait to find out what will happen. One of my favorite aspects of my job is the opportunity I have every day to meet people who are scared and to give them peace of mind. In my experience, things are rarely as bad as they feel following an arrest. The anxiety and fear we feel tends to get exaggerated in our minds, and this can be the worst part.

If you call me, I can help you put your situation into perspective and help you understand your options. We can work together to develop effective defense strategies for you. Call me today and I promise you will feel much better after we speak.

Personalized Attention to Help Resolve Your Legal Matters

I have learned that good things often happen when you put in the effort and fight, even when it appears you are fighting an uphill battle. One of the the keys to my success in defending my clients over the past decade has been to out-work everyone else. The benefit of hiring an attorney like me who is passionate about defending you, and who is committed to working on hard on your case, is that if there is a way to defend you, we will find it. I am a very different type of attorney than most of those you will encounter on the internet. My legal service is defined by personalized customer service to each one of my clients.

My clients work directly with me and I am personally familiar with each aspect of their cases. My service is personal and exemplifies the highest levels of professionalism. I treat my clients the way I would want an attorney to treat my mother, if she met with one. I believe in providing aggressive legal representation coupled with personalized customer service. That is the Parkhurst difference. Call me and meet me personally.

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  4. You will see what I mean. My firm has taken three cases to trial recently and we have won all three. In one case, our client was completely acquitted of DUI charges. You can read her reviews on Yelp. In another case my client was a fire man who was wrongfully accused of Workers Compensation fraud. That client was acquitted as well. Likewise, I recently took a case to trial in which my client was facing many years in jail. I was successful in beating most of the charges and my client will be released soon. Due to my successful track record of taking cases to trial in Sacramento and winning, the district attorneys know who I am and they take me seriously.

    If you need a criminal attorney in Sacramento who is a proven winner, call me today. Below you will find a link to news articles about trials I have won. These articles are about clients of mine who trusted me when their lives were on the line. I returned their faith in me with victories in the courtroom.

    You Can Count On My More Than 30 Years of Public Service Experience

    Some attorneys talk big, but cannot back it up with results. I back it up with results. Victories in the press. My office has become one of the go-to law firms in Sacramento for fast and affordable expungements. Do not live with blemishes on your your record. California law provides away to have old convictions dismissed retroactively. Call us today. We can help. Or click the link below for more information and Frequently asked questions FAQ on expungements.

    Sacramento Expungement Attorney. Chris is in among a very distinguished class of attorneys formally selected as on the top trial lawyers in the state. Charge: charged with VC misdemeanor hit and run and VC Charge: DUI plus refusal, resisting, cocaine possession. Client a pharmacist. Charge: Misdemeanor domestic violence Results: dismissed with proof of 26 classes. Charge: 4lbs of meth felony. Results: Case dismissed. Charge: Resisting Arrest and Drunk in public Results: pre-plea diversion: dismissed in six months with no new violations.

    No plea required. Charge: Felony vandalism, drug possession, Felony violation of probation Results: Drug possession dismissed, plead to two misdemeanors, Felony vandalism dismissed, Felony violation of probation dismissed, no actual jail time. Charge: third DUI, offer days jail. Charge: Drug offense and vandalism Results: Pre-plea diversion not on record and misdemeanors dismissed and plead only to loud noise infraction for fine. V DUI, 0. A Felony PC Felon domestic violence and felony child endangerment.

    Result, reduced to misdemeanor for 60 days work project, no jail no felony, and injury charges reduced to assault. Result: Felony strike offense PC dismissed, felony corporal injury dismissed. Result: fel dui with injury dismissed plead to misdemeanor only for days work project or home detention. Result: Second dui dismissed, no mandatory jail or ignition interlock device requirement. No month class, mandatory jail, or ignition interlock device. D VC H Two separate charges of VC C VC D L DUI.


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    F Reckless Driving Reckless driving misdemeanor dismissed 6 month diversion successfully completed ; No DMV points, no misdemeanor conviction, no fine. A reduction in speed would be an obvious victory under normal circumstances, however, we were able to convince the district attorney to dismiss the speeding citation, and instead resolve the case for a non-moving violation, which will result in no DMV points against his commercial driving record.

    L PC Burglary, Felony. All remaining charges dismissed. H Excess of ; Offer- fine, 30 day license suspension, 2 point violation.

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    Plead to a non- moving violation. A Red light camera ticket Dismissed at trial. K VC b , Excess of mph. M VC b , Excess of D VC b stop light violation b dismissed, pled to non moving violation for a fine only, no DMV points. Pleas to one non-moving violation.

    G Speeding Cases Dismissed. B BAC. T VC b Excess of Case dismissed. J speeding Dismissed at trial. Reduced to coasting and no DMV points.